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Power Lit
Natural nanotechnology Power Lit


Power Lit Cat Litter was specially developed for the hygiene and health of your cat and family.
It is 100% natural and organic. Non clumping, non toxic, environment friendly, biodegradable and recyclable.
It is extra light weight and absorbs like a sponge.
It is originated from sedimentary clay, naturally mixed with seaweed founded in the bottom of the Patagonian Lakes. Power Lit lasts up to 30 days, eliminates bacteria and encapsulates ammonia like no other cat litter!.


  • Natural nanotechnology
  • Odor lock
  • High absorption
  • Light weight
  • Extra strenght
  • Low Maintenance
  • Anti bacterial
  • Environmental Friendly


How to use

how to use 1- Remove the used material (hath changes its colour).
how to use 2- Refill the removed amount.
how to use 3- Every 30 days change all the mineral product.