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About Eco Plus Group

Our company

We are a mining company devoted to exploiting, processing and trading non-metalliferous minerals for the Industry, Agriculture and veterinary purposes. We aim at using harmless natural resources with no added chemicals which foster Nature's and Ecology's care.

The Company has been following its family tradition, which began 25 years ago with the production of minerals such as: Bentonite, Zeolites, Fuller's earth, Diatoms, Kaolinite, Perfite, Clay, etc. The Company has mineral banks in the argentine provinces of Río Negro, San Juan and Mendoza; plants and mineral banks in the provinces of Río Negro and San Juan, and in São Paulo, Brazil and also in Buenos Aires, Argentine, where it has its main head office.

Having a strong incidence in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, the United States of America and Europe, we are the absolute market leaders in cat litter for all pets.


Apart from being the current suppliers to every top argentine hypermarket, we are manufacturers of own brand products to Carrefour, Bell's (Disco), Norte, Eki, Tidy Cat (Purina Brazil). Regarding cat litter related products which we manufacture, we have successfully managed to make a way into 90% of the argentine market.

South America
In Chile, Uruguay and Brazil, thanks to their exclusive distributors, we hold 40%, 46% and 39% of their respective markets.

North America
The USA: We have had our office in Miami since May, 2003.

Spain: We have recently opened a new office being widely represented on specialized stores (vets and pet shops).

The Netherlands
Seeking to supply specialized stores with our cat line, we are currently at full speed in production.

France and England Seeking to supply specialized stores with our PATAGONIA line, we are currently at full speed in production and import.