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Lightweight hygienic scoopable minerals Absorbalot


BBQ fat absorber

Absorbalot BBQ Fat Absorber is the result from the drying up of pristine Patagonian lakes in South America by the successive eruptions of the volcanoes around them. Ashes from these eruptions mixed with algae and minerals from the lake to create a unique natural absorber with immaculate white colour and absolutely extraordinary odour and liquid absorption properties.


  • BBq Fat Absorber
  • Easy clean
  • Non toxic
  • Non containing chemicals
  • Minimises flare-ups
  • Deters insects/flies


How to use

how to use 1- Remove the used material (hath changes its colour).
how to use 2- Refill the removed amount.
how to use 3- Every 30 days change all the mineral product.